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A slur indicates two or more notes that are to be played without any break, such as on a wind instrument not re-tonguing, so that the notes are played legato (smoothly).

A tie, is when two or more successive notes (of the same pitch) are held, unbroken, for their total combined time value. For instance, if a half note was tied to a quarter note, the duration of the tied note would be 3 beats.

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A tie indicates that the same note is to be held longer; a slur includes a change in pitch

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Q: How does a tie differ from a slur?
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How do you play a tie with different notes?

If a tie is going from a B to a C, for example, then it's not a tie. That's a slur. A tie would be a B and a B. The tie tells you to hold the notes together. How you would play a SLUR, is start on the B, and go up to C without tounging again. Just slur your way up.

What is a tie and how does it differ from a strut?

you wear a tie. struts are found in bridges.

What is a slide between two notes called?

I am in band so I know that a slide between two notes is called a tie when they are the same note and a slur if it is two different notes.

How do you play a note?

Doesn't a slur mean you play it all legato? I think it does. It's like a tie but the notes are different. :D

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What are the different kinds of classified notes?

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Where do you put the tie above or below the note and so in which occasions?

Ties connecting note heads are drawn either above or below the notes depending on placement of the notes on the scale. Positioning is dependent based solely on where space allows. Either top or bottom positioning is acceptable.

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