How does Neji kill kidomaru?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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He killed Kidomaru by fooling(first kidomaru use 1 technique Neji saw the technique but that was his only chance so neji just stand in one spot and let the technique hit him after playing dead he hits kidomaru)

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i don't mean to be snipie here, but mabey you should watch the show.

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Q: How does Neji kill kidomaru?
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What episode of naruto does Neji fight kidomaru?

~Kimimaro dies in episode 127

Who would win Shino or Neji?

In the past Neji had trouble fighting fighting Kidomaru also a range fighter, but Kidomaru had brute force attacking range jutsu's which almost got Neji killed. Luckily Neji thought 1 step ahead and manage to win.Clearly Shino is extremely intelligent, therefore Neji would clearly need more than wit to win against Shino. Since Shino and Neji are both expert tracking Ninja's, they would obviously read each others movements and cancel each other out.Neji would never be in range of his 8 trigrams 64 palms, and Shino just doesn't have enough brute force to overcome Neji's 64 palms Spin rotation. The Battle would be Pointless therefore making it a draw.I think Shino . He's way too smart for NejiClose callShino's bugs would be good competition for Neji's byakugan, but shino does seem to have a darker side than Neji, or at least he does in the English dub so far. In the end, I would say that Neji's heavenly spin and gentle fist style would win out, as Neji's defenses are better than Shino's.I would say neji because he is a jounin level in shippuden and im pretty sure that shino still is a chunin.Shino Shino Shino. GO SHINO!Shino's bugs would sneek up on Neji so he wouls use bakugon and then Shino would place paper bombs to distract Neji and finally Shino would use parasetic insects justu and Neji would be beaten or Neji would figure out Shino's plan and use 64 paulm rotatoin and use 64 trigrans 100 paulms.Freaky people co.Neji could use his rotation if shino's bugs creeped up on him plus neji could just rush in and use gentle fists or 8 triangrams.neji would win because he has the byakugan and could use two fingers to get every single bug. he also has rotation.

Who is Neji's mother?

They never say who Neji's mother is

What does Neji mean in English?

From the book I have it says Neji means screw.

What kind of eyes does Neji have?

They eyes that neji has is bakugon and also Hinat has it.

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How do you unlock kidomaru on Naruto arena?

Four wins in a row with Hyuga Neji

What episode of naruto does Neji fight kidomaru?

~Kimimaro dies in episode 127

What team should you use to complete search for kidomaru in Naruto arena?

a good team for this mission would be neji sakura and naruto

In naruto arena what is a good team with kiba kankuro or chouji to do the search for jiroubo and the search for sakon?

a good team to unlock jiroubo is choji temari and neji a good team to unlock sakon i kankuro neji and temari ive got a way to do 3 of the missions at the same time: for jiroubou's search u need choji for kidomaru's search u need neji for tayuya's search you need shikamaru or temari so for your team, use choji, neji and shikamaru or temari. That way, u can do jirobou, kidomaru and tayuyas mission at the same time!!!! Then all u need 2 do is use kiba or kankuro and uve done all the missions!

Neji and Sasuke?

Will probably never talk to eachother in any part of the series, unless Neji decides to kill him which I'm sure he'll suceed at.

What is the list of Nejirangers that end with monster form?

The Nejirangers that end with monster form (same with human form) are: Neji Red (monster form) Neji Black (monster form) Neji Blue (monster form) Neji Yellow (monster form) Neji Pink (monster form) Neji Silver (monster form) Neji Green (monster form) Neji Purple (monster form) Neji Orange (monster form) Neji Crimson (monster form) Neji Navy (monster form) Neji White (monster form) Neji Gold (monster form) Neji Teal (monster form) Neji Brown (monster form) Neji Indigo (monster form) Neji Saffron (monster form) Neji Amethyst (monster form) Neji Vermilion (monster form) Neji Chartreuse (monster form) Neji Magenta (monster form) Neji Viridian (monster form) Neji Burgundy (monster form) Neji Powder (monster form) Neji Scarlet (monster form) Neji Cyan (monster form) Neji Azure (monster form) Neji Lavender (monster form) Neji Gray (monster form) Neji Beige (monster form) Neji Cerulean (monster form) Neji Slate (monster form) Neji Cobalt (monster form) Neji Gunmetal (monster form) Neji Copper (monster form) Neji Bronze (monster form) Neji Khaki (monster form) Neji Citrine (monster form) Neji Maroon (monster form) Neji Olive (monster form) Neji Peach (monster form) Neji Cream (monster form) Neji Sangria (monster form) Neji Plum (monster form) Neji Emerald (monster form) Neji Cerise (monster form) Neji Mauve (monster form) Neji Moccasin (monster form) Neji Aquamarine (monster form) Neji Pearl (monster form) Neji Turquoise (monster form) Neji Platinum (monster form) Neji Tan (monster form) Neji Bittersweet (monster form) Neji Periwinkle (monster form) Neji Sapphire (monster form) Neji Fuchsia (monster form) Neji Dark Green (monster form) Neji Mahogany (monster form) Neji Sea Green (monster form) Neji Claret (monster form) Neji Lime (monster form) Neji Amber (monster form) Neji Ecru (monster form) Neji Taupe (monster form) Neji Tawny (monster form) Neji Lilac (monster form) Neji Ochre (monster form) Neji Sepia (monster form) Neji Celadon (monster form) Neji Rust (monster form) Neji Orchid (monster form) Neji Ash (monster form) Neji Steel (monster form) Neji Sky (monster form) Neji Burnt Orange (monster form) Neji Brick (monster form) Neji Caramel (monster form) Neji Marigold (monster form) Neji Burnt Sienna (monster form) Neji Verdigris (monster form) Neji Indochine (monster form) Neji Carmine (monster form) Neji Linen (monster form) Neil Goldenrod (monster form) Neil Butterscotch (monster form) Neji Heliotrope (monster form) Neji Dark Gray (monster form) Neji Harlequin (monster form) Neji Amaranth (monster form) Neji Ultramarine (monster form) Neji Royal Blue (monster form) Neji Garnet (monster form) Neji Ebony (monster form) Neji Ivory (monster form) Neji Thistle (monster form) Neji Jade (monster form) Neji Auburn (monster form) Neji Sienna (monster form) Neji Umber (monster form) Neji Cadet Blue (monster form) Neji Dark Brown (monster form) Neji Orange Peel (monster form) Neji Hunter Green (monster form) Neji Salmon (monster form) Neji Avocado (monster form) Neji Wisteria (monster form) Neji Persimmon (monster form) Neji Apricot (monster form) Neji Brass (monster form) Neji Ruby (monster form) Neji Mint (monster form) Neji Forest (monster form) Neji Coral (monster form) Neji Aubergine (monster form) Neji Hazel (monster form) Neji Topaz (monster form) Neji Bisque (monster form) Neji Spring (monster form) Neji Rainbow (monster form)

Who is stronger Hinata or Neji?

Neji is stronger.

What does kidomaru summon?

he summons a GIANT SPIDER

Who would win hyuga or Uchiha?

Definitely Hyuga. Neji, that is. uchiha for sure obito can kill neji without breaking a sweat. then itachi and madara will kill the rest of the Hyuga clan. I got to go with Hyuga.Remember that if you use the sharingan to much you will be blind giving the opponent(Hyuga) a chance to kill the uchiha

How old is kidomaru from naruto?

15 the way i see him

How do you get Kidomaru in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

you can't

What does the name Neji mean in Japanese?

ネジ Neji the word neji is screw