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She is able to feel compassion for Miss Lottie.

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Lizabeth uprooted the flowers because she was angry and confused.

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Q: How does Lizabeth change in the moment when she comes face to face with miss lottie after destroying the marigolds?
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What does lizabeth do to miss lottie flower just before dawn in the story marigolds?

To let off some anger, Lizabeth destroys Miss Lottie's flowers.

Characters of marigolds the short story?

Lizabeth, her parents, Joey, Miss Lottie, John Burke

What leads the young lizabeth to destroy miss lottie marigolds?

cause shes an idiot, a ni#$er, and a les&*an

How does the climax of the story marigolds-Elizabeth destruction of the marigolds-begin a rite of passage from childlhood to the beginning of womanhood?

The climax is when Lizabeth returns to Miss Lottie's garden in the night and destroys her marigolds. She then realizes what she had done was wrong and begins to think more women-like rather than child-like.

What is the mood created in the story marigolds?

i dont flucking no can someone flucking help me

What is the climax in Marigolds?

The turning point for Marigolds is when Lizbeth goes back to Ms. Lottie's garden and destroys what is left of the marigolds. It is then that she realizes what she has done. She has destroyed the only beautiful thing in Ms. Lottie's life.

What did the children do when they arrived at Miss Lottie's house?

The children messed with Miss Lottie's beautiful marigolds.

What is the resolution in marigolds by eugenia collier?

mrs Lottie dies

What does lizabeth do to miss lottie's flowers just before dawn?

i believe that she replanted the flowers

Why does miss Lottie never plant marigolds again?

She lost hope

what marigolds What motivated miss Lottie to plant and so carefully tend her marigold?

im single

Why does miss lottie grow the marigolds?

because the flowers remind her of va%*nas and she like va%*nas