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Cinna wants the audience to remember her as she really is so that they will recognize her in the arena. He also wants them to remember her in the first place. He makes an outfit for her so that he is sure she will stand out, and he wants them to know her as "the girl who was on fire."

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Q: How does Cinna want the audence to remember Katniss?
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How does cinna want the audience to remember katniss?

by her takeing snow down

Why is Cinna killed in Catching Fire?

Cinna dies because he showed rebellion towards the Capitol. He was designing dresses for Katniss that showed her off to be the Mockinjay, the symbol of the Rebels. For his rebellion, he was beaten in front of Katniss and then executed.

How did Cinna act humanely in The Hunger Games?

Katniss - she volunteers for Prim, tries to save Rue and allies with Peeta. Thresh - he spares Katniss' life as she helped his district partner, Rue. Foxface - she never interferes with anybody in the Games. In the movie, she swiftly runs away from Katniss after bumping into her, as she does not want to fight. Peeta- showed humanity in his love for Katniss. Rue - allied with Katniss and aided her plan for survival (telling her about the Career supplies, helping set fires, relieving her tracker jacker stings.)

What is suprising about cinna kat stylist?

he does not have the outrageous and garrish outfit, hair, and makeup of the other capitol citizens. he wears simple clothes and has brown hair, and his only extravagance is gold eyeliner, which katniss states, "brings out the gold flecks in his eyes nicely"

Whom do Cassius Casca and Cinna want to help them with their plot?

They want Brutus to help them.

Why did Katniss kill primrose in mockingjay?

Katniss doesn't kill Prim, Coin does. She does because she was afraid Katniss might want to stand up and be president.

What did the game makers want to do to katniss?

idk dummy

Why did coin want katniss to die in Mockingjay?

She was the face of the rebellion.

Why would you want Katniss Everdeen as a friend?

She is super cool!

What personalites does Haymitch Abernathy want Katniss to have toward her interview?

Haymitch wants Katniss to be herself, because she's bad at acting.

Why didn't Katniss want Peeta to fall asleep in the cave?

Katniss didn't want Peete to fall asleep, cause she was afraid that if he would fall asleep he would never wake up.

What does Katniss Everdeen want more than anything else?

Peeta Mellark.