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The Chronicles of Narnia is a story of siblings going into a wardrobe, and finding a magical world. They go on adventures in this world they find, trying to save it, and etc. There are magical animals and creatures, and very little people.

Harry Potter is a story About a Boy, who is a wizard. His parents were killed when he was just a baby. He is famous for being "the boy who lived," surviving the day his parents were killed. The movies and books tell the story of Harry going to Hogwarts, and learning to be a wizard. There are many different adventures Harry embarks on throughout the story.

The main difference is Narnia is about a secret, unknown world that siblings stumble upon, with many inhumane creatures. Harry Potter is a story of wizards, and a wizard school, with many challenges along the way.

The main similarity is that they are both of magical worlds, unknown to regular humans. They both consist of magical creatures, that are not human. And most importantly, the main characters embark on many adventures, and challenges together.

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Q: How does Chronicles of Narnia compare to Harry Potter?
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What fiction series are related to Harry Potter?

Personally I think that the twilight series and the chronicles of Narnia are somewhat similar to the Harry Potter series

Which movie series is most popular Narnia Harry Potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter is the highest grossing film series ever. The Twilight Saga is the sixteen highest grossing film series. The Chronicles of Narnia is the eighteenth highest grossing film series.

What movies include centaurs?

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Lightning Thief The Centaurs

What is Harry Potter's favorite novel?

Harry Potter's favorite Novels are : The Sword in the Stone, and the King Author story. The Chronicles of Narnia ,The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings novels : The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King.

Who wrote the songs for The Chronicles of Narnia?

Harry Gregson Williams

How popular is Christian fiction?

Very popular. Examples are: The Chronicles of Narnia; Tolkien's the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings; and even JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Is their a book called the Harry Potter chronicles?

No, there is not.

What was the cast song in the movie-The Chronicles of Narnia?

The cast song in "The Chronicles of Narnia" is "The Battle" by Harry Gregson-Williams. It plays during the epic battle scenes in the movie.

Is Harry Potter better than the Prydian Chronicles?

Definitely not!

Which children's books have witches among their characters?

Harry Potter by J.K RowlingThe Witches by Roald DahlThe Chronicles of Narnia by CS LewisA Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'EngleSeptimus Heap by Angie Sage

What is the most popular book series not including Harry Potter?

Goosebumps is the second best-selling book series under Harry Potter.

Do you enter hogsmeade via Narnia?

No you do not. Hogsmeade is from Harry Potter and has almost nothing to do with Narnia, the only relation they have is the magical aspect of the places.