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president snow tells katniss coin was responsible for the bombing that killed prim. during president snow's execution, while Katniss is aiming her bow at Snow she switches her aim at the last minute and kills Coin.

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Katniss shoots her in the face with a arrow, instead of President Snow at his live execution in front of all of Panam. She then fell off the top balcony. :)

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Q: How does Alma Coin die in Mockingjay?
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Why did coin want katniss to die in Mockingjay?

She was the face of the rebellion.

Is the Capital destroyed at the end of Mockingjay?

The capitol is not destroyed, but is no longer ran by president Snow. It is ran by katniss because she killed Alma Coin.

Who dies at the end of Mockingjay?

Quite a few people die at the *end* of Mockingjay. I take by the end of Mockingjay you mean while the star team are in the capitol? Well anyway, here is a list of the people I remember by memory 1. Finnick 2. Prim 2. Leeg 1 3. Leeg 2 4. Boggs 5. Alma Coin aka President Coin 6. President Snow 7. Many capitol citizens.

How does Coin die in The Hunger Games?

Coin is the President of District 13 but she is not introduced until the third book of the series, Mockingjay.

How does rebel leader Coin die Mockingjay?

yes katniss kills her with and arrow for dropping a bomb on prim

How does snow die in mockingjay?

President Snow chokes on his own blood in Mockingjay

Is Alma Coin a male or female?


What page in the Mockingjay book when katniss kills coin?

on Page 206

How does gale die in Mockingjay?

He doesn't die (:D)

When did Alma Sonne die?

Alma Sonne died in 1977.

When did Alma Sรถderhjelm die?

Alma Söderhjelm died in 1949.

When did Alma Reed die?

Alma Reed died in 1966.