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Q: How do you write an opening billboard script?
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Emcee script for opening ceremony?


How do you you write a script?

You write a script by writing there name then writing what they say simple

Should Kids Have To Write In Script?

yea i think kids could write and script.... i think its cool my friends like to write in script lolz

What does The Script mean?

The prefix script- means to write.

What does the prefix script mean?

The prefix script- means to write.

How can you make a script?

Write it.

What to do after you write a script?

Make a play

What is the root word of write?


What is the name of script used to write Telugu?

It is called Telugu script. Telugu script evolved from Brahmi script around 2500 years ago.

Can kids be script writers?

Yes children can become script writers, depending on what type of script writing they are learning to write.

What is the root of script?

The root of the word "script" comes from the Latin word "scribere," which means "to write." This Latin root reflects the original meaning of script as something written down.

What are words that have the root script?

Script isn't a prefix, it's a root. It, along with the root scrib, means to write. Some examples are: describe, description, prescribe, prescription, subscribe, subscription, transcribe, transcription.