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You have to do the missions.

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Q: How do you unlock the sound ninja in Naruto arena?
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In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm can the sound ninja four be unlocked?

No they can't, you can only unlock Kimimaro!

How do you unlock character voices in sound test on Naruto clash of ninja revolution?

You need to be the character in Time Attack mode to unlock their voices.

How do you unlock Kakashi in Naruto arena?

First of all you have to complete "Team of Kakashi" (Missing-nin) and after that you have to complete de mission "Team 7 Fights as a Team" (ANBU) [Win 75 battles with any Ninja of Team 7 (Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke) versus any Mist, Sand or Sound Ninja. (75/75)]

Does Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2 have the sound 5?

Nope Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2 doesn't have the sound 5 in it

Is the sound five in Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?


Good Naruto arena teams with haku?

haku tenten and shikamruisnt this team good?haku tenten and shikamru is a good team... but the BEST are haku and tayuya or besides tayuya pick shigure (shigure hard to unlock) and tayuya (part of the sound ninja 4) is easy to unlock. i got a 10+ streak when tayuya. shigure is better.

Wili the sound ninja ive be in naruto clash of ninja revoulotion 2?

Jack Stevenson

What episode of naruto has sasuke use the curse mark against the sound ninja?

Naruto Episode 33

Who are sound ninjas in naruto?

Sound ninja are the followers of Orochimaru just like leaf ninja- they live in the sound village that Orochimaru created. No one knows its exact location

How do you get the sound ninja 4 on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

March 7,2008 go to Gamespot .com and they will tell you You start with them

How do you get the curse seal Level 2 for the sound 4 in Naruto ninja council 3?

I'm not sure

What episode of naruto does temari fight another wind user?

none only a weapon thrower and sound ninja