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Yes and No.

I am able to do this because i have a Samsung LED tv with SWL (samsung wireless link) so i can stream using Allshare.

You can do this on SOME sony bravias but only a few.

So unless you have a samsung tv or one of the rare bravias you can't stream directly to your tv.

P.S some Blu-rays do using BD live (check manual first) Wireless network required

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You can stream through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or PlayOn.

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No. You will need a streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku. Some game consoles also have this ability. You'll also need to use a service such as Hulu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

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Q: How do you stream movies to tv?
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Can you play movies on Nintendo Wii?

HomeBrew and Netflix are available on the Wii to stream movies to your TV and watch them on your Wii instantly.

Where can you watch iGo To Japan online?

You can watch free movies and TV shows on Primewire. The site has many free TV shows and movies to stream and download.

Can You Watch Live T.V. on the Alienware M17 Laptop?

Yes movies and TV stream in with no problems.

Is 2kmovielinkscom the best website to watch and stream full free movies and tv-shows online?

The website, is one of the best websites to watch and stream full free movies and tv shows online. Another great site is Channel 131 and PrimeWire.

Where could one download or stream new movies for a fee?

Netflix is one way for others to download or stream new movies for a fee of $7.99 a month. Netflix allows their users to stream on their TV, mobile phones, tablets, and their gaming consoles (requires Wi-Fi access).

Where can one stream movies on the internet legally?

One very popular site for streaming movies on the Internet is Hulu, which offers a limited selection of full movies and TV shows for free. Hulu also has the option to upgrade to Hulu Plus for a more extensive database of movies and shows for $7.99 per month. One can also stream movies at a cost from Netflix and Amazon.

Can you stream movies from an illegal movie website of your smart TV?

Smart Televisions can only stream content that is imbedded within an App or movie streaming website. These providers include Netflix and Amazon On Demand.

What program do you have to have in order to watch movies from the PC on the tv?

Netflix is a movie program to watch movies that you can stream. Also you could connect your computer straight to your TV via svideo or hdmi ports.

How much does it usually cost to stream movies?

Streaming movies can be free but can also cost. One of the major providers in movie streaming is called Netflix. Netflix will cost you $7.99/month and you will get unlimited movies & TV-episodes directly to your TV or your computer.

What channels do you get on Apple TV?

There isn't any channels you can get per say. You can stream movies, tv shows, music, etc from iTunes and Netflix.

Do you need cable or a dish provider to view netflix on tv?

No, you just need your TV or some other component connected to the Internet to stream the movies to your TV.

How do you watch TV channels and movies live on the internet?

The websites for most networks allow you to stream shows. There's also hulu.