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i played this a while ago but im not sure if im right...

i don't think you even have to put your age in

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Q: How do you set my age in wizard101?
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How does a wizard101 promo code look like?

Wizard101 codes can be random letters and numbers or a set word. Set words like (old) Castle Frog Summer Dragon Audiancevotingreward (works at time of post!) remember

Does wizard101 have virus?

No, Wizard101 has no viruses if you install it from

What are the most coolest websites for girls?

depends on the age , but wizard101 is a very popular one and you can free trial it

Is wizard101 only for windows?

Wizard101 is for windows. But I believe you could get Wizard101 for Mac.

How do you fix wizard101?

Contact Wizard101 Support at: via email;;

Is there cheats for wizard101?

yes there are cheats for wizard101

Is wizard101 better then Club Penguin?

Wizard101 is better because their is nothing to do in Club Penguin, in Wizard101 you can fight moonsters and other wizard101 around the globe.

How many levels are in wizard101?

there are 80 levels on wizard101

What are some good sites for girls age nine? and if you don't care about downloads)

Do you play wizard101?

yes i play wizard101 from rhett Williams

Is wizard101 safe to download?

Yes it is. Wizard101 is safe to download.

How do you change your birthday on wizard101?

You can't change your birthday in wizard101