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by buying a new refill worth rs 15

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Q: How do you refill a Reynolds Trimax gel pen?
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How do you refill Reynolds trimax gel pen?

refill is available at an affordable price of rupees 15

What is the price of Reynolds trimax pen?

Renoylds' Trimax pen costs rs. 35...but the price of the refill is around rs. 15. You may also refill it yourself with fountain pen ink, if you want.

Which is the best gel pen?

Trimax(Reynolds) , Pilot V7 , and the Reynolds Tekpoint.The Tekpoint is a really good pen.It is essentially a smaller version of the trimax which provides smoother writing at a cheaper price.

How many colours are there in Reynolds Trimax Pen?

there are five - normal blue trimax, trimax gold, black trimx, green trimax red trimax

What is the price of ryonlds trimax gold pen?

The price of a Reynolds Trimax Gold pen can vary depending on the retailer and location. Typically, it is priced between $1 to $3 per pen.

What is the difference between gel pen and refill pen?

When using refill pen we have to give some force to write.but that's not need for gel pen.

Is Reynolds trimax a good pen?

Yes. Its a good pen. You should try it. Its ink flows very fast and allows you to write more in less time with good handwriting.

How do you refil Reynolds trimax it yourself with fountain pen ink?

no, it is not possible may be we fill the cartige with ordinary ink but it does not work. Because trimax ink is much viscus than fountain pen ink. If we fill the continer with this ink the problem arise is that it relase more ink bcoz it is less viscous. If we want to refill the empty cartige of trimax then we have to control the ink flowing rate by using some other mechanism. Iam still working on it by trying different process to control ink flow.

Where to get Reynolds trimax pen in Bangalore?

Try to find it on Avenue Road, Lots of whole-sell staionary product dealers are there, you might find this...

What is difference between ball-pen and gel-pen?

ball pen is ink. gel pen is a gel-like ink.. but not ink itself.

Is cello pen a gel pen?

A cello pen is formed as a gel pen some arn't but the cello gelly pen is.

When was Pen Reynolds born?

Pen Reynolds was born on 1892-05-04.