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To protect yourself in a flood you have to get to high ground where the water isn't or evacuate where you are to get to dry land. and dont forget if you leave your house dont forget to take your pets with you

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In order to protect someone's waterfront property from flooding, they can use sandbags and place them around the property. Another way is to invest in a good drainage system in order to remove the water.

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Don't have anything blocking it and make more places for it to go, like more passages to what are known as floodplains.

See the listed related link for more information:

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Q: How do you protect waterfront property from flooding?
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Healthy riparian zones are important to waterfront developers because they increase property values, reduce property loss that occurs as a result of erosion, protect water quality by reducing the amount of pollution runoff that enters the water, and enhance habitats for wildlife. -e2020

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