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It is pronounced like "kale" to rhyme with "sale."

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Q: How do you pronounce Cale as in J.J. Cale?
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When was JJ Cale born?

JJ Cale was born on 1938-12-05.

Who owns the rights to the song cocaine by Eric Clapton?

JJ cale

After midnight song writer letters so far -j-ale?

jj cale

What was the name of the album that Eric Clapton and JJ Cale recorded together?

Road to Escondido.

Who recorded a song titled Cocaine sometime around 1971?

Either Eric Clapton or JJ Cale.

Who plays the guitar solo in lynyrd skynyrd's cover of jj cale's call me the breeze on their album second helping?

Gary Rossington.

What year did Eric Clapton and JJ Cale do an album together?

The Road to Escondido was released in 2006 by Clapton and Cale. The first time they met face to face was at the Crossroads guitar festival in 2004 in Dallas. Although they had spoken over the years, it was their first meeting.

Who sings the song cocaine about a samurai?

Im not sure if there is a song Cocaine about a samurai but there is a song Cocaine and it is performed by JJ Cale or in a more famous cover version, by Eric Clapton.

Who else did a song Cocaine that was nothing like Eric Clapton's version?

That'd probably be JJ Cale, who did the original. I think he guested on the Clapton version but the two sound totally different.

How tall is Jarett Cale?

Jarett Cale is 6'.

How tall is Cale McConnell?

Cale McConnell is 6'.

When was Bruce Cale born?

Bruce Cale was born in 1939.