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This head drop illusion is nothing like the kids joking around with a wire supporting their jacket seen everywhere on YouTube. Rather, it's an expensive and complicated set of moving parts which also involves an illusion with the legs. If you are simply wanting an easy gag YOU can do and afford, stick with the easy, silly, well known head drop gag where you just duck your head and push up your shoulder with someting inside. Rich Ferguson's head drop prank is not available and it's far more complex and difficult to pull "off." Cyril, out of Japan, bought the only other similar illusion from another Japanese performer many years ago. Rich's version allows you to see the legs and allows movement otherwise nearly impossible from what I've gathered. I will add that it was explained partially to me and the simple fact of how you must be flexible and use leg strength and balance will make it impossible for most magicans to begin with... let alone lay people looking to pull this off just for "fun." That's all that can be said or that I know about it. Good luck.

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Q: How do you perform the Rich Ferguson head drop prank?
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