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all you do is tell him you love him or give him all your Easter candy.

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Tickle Him.

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Q: How do you make your little brother laugh?
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How do you get a baby to like you?

You do something the baby likes then it will laugh at you and like you i did it with my little brother

When did the original Banana phone start?

The original Banana phone started in 1979 when Jack Millerson picked up a banana and used it to make his little brother laugh when speaking in to it. After this act Jack started using this strategy to make all of his friends laugh. He traveled all over B.C using this "Banana phone " to make people laugh.

How do you make your big brother laugh?

tickle him to death.but if he is not ticklish be his slave for a day.

What do you do When your little brother is getting on your nerves so much that you want to punch him really hard?

Punch him in your mind and laugh?

Do autistic toddlers show off or try to make others laugh?

well my friends little brother does sometimes, hes autistic. Thankyou for your answer. My son is two and was just diagnosed, but I thought that maybe he doesn't have autism because he laughs and shows off and tries to make other people laugh. He doesn't talk or communicate very well, but he does ''fake laugh'' sometimes or ''fake smile'' to try to cheer people up as well.

How do you make your little brother stop singing?

Tell him to stop!

Do girls care if you're fat?

No, you just need to have a good personality, and make them laugh a little :D

When was Laugh a Little Louder Please created?

Laugh a Little Louder Please was created on 1975-09-21.

When did Make Me Laugh end?

Make Me Laugh ended in 1998.

How do you beat up your older brother that bullys you?

If its little punches and little stuff like that prank him! That would give him a good laugh. If its much more than little punches tell your mom or further more the police if it gets out of hand

Who laughed a tinkling little laugh in Charlotte's Web?

That would be the spider, Charlotte, who was known for her gentle and soothing laugh that sounded like "a tinkling little laugh."

How do you make a kookaburra laugh?

The kookaburra's laugh is a territorial call. People cannot make a kookaburra laugh.