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Soak them in water.....?

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Q: How do you make cloths look wet?
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What type of clothes should be worn in summmer and why?

cotton cloths are more preferred to ware in summer. because cotton cloths absorbs sweat from the surface of the body and makes a wet blanket around us ,when ever hot air passes us ,the wet cotton cloths cools the air and make us to feel cool...

Are Swifter Wet cloths safe for laminate flooring?


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How do wet cloths get dried even in AC room?

Wet cloths can still dry in an air-conditioned room because the AC removes humidity from the air, which helps to speed up the evaporation process. The dry air created by the AC absorbs moisture from the wet cloths, causing them to dry faster. Additionally, air circulation within the room can also contribute to the drying process.

Fiber used to make mummy cloths?

RAMIE is the fbre the used to make the cloths to wrap mummies

Is wet and wavy a good hairstyle for a seventh grader?

Wet and wavy is a good hairstyle for a seventh grader if that's how they want to wear their hair. A wet look can also make hair look greasy.

What did the poor Victorians cloths look like?

== ==

How do you make cloths on Minecraft?

you dont make cloths you make armor. to get cloths you need a texture pack see link in related links to find armor instructions.

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yes there cloths are rare becose Jamaicans hand make there cloths so yes the designs are rare .

What do Brazilian cloths look like?

They are colorful and ugly.

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