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The books don't give a detailed description. In any case, please note that all the spells and potions from Harry Potter are ficticious; many of them use ficticious ingredients, and in any case, they would never work in real life.

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Amortentia does not actually exist outside of the Harry Potter Universe. Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) you will have to win your desired partner by being charming and decent.

Within the Harry Potter Universe, almost no information is given on the contents or preparations necessary to make amortentia and the only thing we do know is that it is quite difficult to perfect. The only other properties of amortentia of which we are aware are its smells (it smells like the things somebody loves), its effects (strong lusting attachment), and its color (pink).

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The ingredients for amortentia were never given.

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Q: How do you make amortenia from Harry Potter?
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