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Hey, owner42 here! Anyways, about that question, "How do you make a promo like the WWE?" Well, there are many ways. First off, you need to know at least a few things about computer editing, because that's the only way to do it. The most basic way to make promos, although they might not be as good, is to use Windows Movie Maker. There are also other things you can get for your computer to edit videos and create things like promos. YOU'RE WELCOME!

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Q: How do you make a promo like WWE?
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Did WWE star Randy Orton have a promo?

He has had many promo's

Will there be a WWE vs tna promo of drew mcintyre vs gunner?

yes there will be another wwe vs tna promo

Do WWE superstars ever make up what there going to say when there doing a promo?

many times over, most speaches in the wwe are well recited

Where can one view WWE promo trailers?

One can view WWE promo trailers by going to the Spike Network television channel. The channel has trailers for its WWE Monday Night Raw weekly program.

Who is the WWE vignette for?

A Vignette is Like Clip Or A Promo To Hype-Up A Wrestler's ''Incredible'' Return.

Who is the person on WWE video 2-21-11?

The 2/21/11 mystery person the whole WWE Universe has been waiting to see is...STING! Here are some reasons: 1. In Promo #1, the smoke on the 2/21/11,(at the end of promo), is S,T,N. Figure out the puzzle and BAM! 2. The WWE wouldn't make a big promo that doesn't make sense for the Undertaker. 3. The 2/21/11 promo is similar to Sting's returning promo in 2006 for TNA. When the lights came back on, there were BLACK BOOTS, TRENCH COAT, & BASEBALL BAT. Duh, Sting, and it also had the date 1/16/06. 4. Remember Starrcade 1997 promo, same black boots & trench coat. If Sting can take down nWo, he sure can debut to the WWE to take down THE NEW NEXUS! Well actually Sting did not officially sign a contract yet to prove that he is coming.

What is the background music on the WWE Survivor Series 2004 promo?

Ugly - the Exies

What is song that plays in WWE raw US promo?

burn it to the ground by nickleback

What it the song that WWE use for undertaker vs Batista rivalry promo?

Its called revelations by parodifair

Is Boogeyman Return to WWE October 2008?

Yes, on ECW on 10/7 they aired a Boogeyman return promo

What is WWE's WrestleMania 26 theme song called?

the promo theme is called "Welcome to the World" by Kevin Rudolf

What is the song used in the official WWE promo for the triple threat match at Wrestlemania XXIV?

Snow WhiteSnow White