How do you make a elf?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There isn't such a thing.

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Q: How do you make a elf?
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Why does the Elf on the Shelf make messes?

The elf on the shelf makes messes because it is a symbol that it is a bad elf

What do you do if your elf is sick?

When your elf on the shelf is hurt/touched, put a bowl with cinnamon in it or sprinkle cinnamon next to your elf then while you are sleeping he will it the cinnamon and gain his magic, and then your elf will be alright. But make sure no one touches your elf for the rest of your life.

Can a elf make your wish come true?

A elf could make all of your dreem come true for sure forever. All of drem wil com tru if you wish upn majic elf starr.

What is ELF stand for and do you become exposed?

elf stands for excited little foresters you become one by being bitten by another elf you may experience urges to make toys or fire a bow elf is a serious condition

Where do elf owls make their homes?

saguaro catiug

How many words can you make out of flea?

leaf elf

How do you make mithril on doodle god?

Metal & elf

What is Club Penguin elf?

To be an elf you can just wear clothes that make you look like an elf and wear a weapon, it isn't an official title like tour guide or security guard.

Does the elf give you presents?

Elves make whatever you ask Santa for. Then Santa delivers your presents!

How do you know you are a elf?

if you have pointy ears and make toys for good boys and girls.This is how you really know you are an elf!You will have pointy ears and notice that you are more goodthan others and more cheerfull if your a high elf. The exact opposite will happen if your a night elf. That is the truth.

Are elf off the shelfs real?

no, they are not i saw my parents moving them

How do you make axe in doodle god?

Elf + Weapon = Bow