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Try leg raises, or weighted leg raises, also do some cardio such as swimming or jogging to help burn the fat

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Q: How do you get rid of the bump every girl has at the lower bit of your stomach with exersice p.s im thin every were exsept for there and have a great healthy diet.?
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How do you keep your stomach healthy?

You extercise alot and eat good meals every day

How do you get rid of fat on your stomach in a month?

run every day, and eat healthy food.

How do you get your stomach skinny?

eat veggies and fruits instead of fast foods and exercise every day to be healthy and skinny

If you eat healthy and do stomach crunches every day how can you tell if your stomach is muscle or fat if it still sticks out?

If your stomach hardens when you flex, then it is muscle. if you can still push your finger into some soft tissue even when ur flexing, then u probably still have some fat on your stomach. but that doesn't mean its not also very strong underneath.

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No, you do not grow a new stomach every two weeks. The cells in your stomach lining are constantly being replaced, but the entire stomach itself is not regenerated on a fixed schedule like that.

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generally nothing is healthy to eat Every day...limit foods like hotdogs even the healthy kind to once a week or even every two

How many pushups should a kid do every other day?

A kid about 10 and up should do 20-30 sit-ups and about 20-25 push ups. This should take you around 10 minuites (also do some yoga if you know any) to do. be active, this is a healthy exersice it will help you not get plump. Do this 3-5 days a week. This really works.

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Because every human is different in size and shape everyones stomach is a different length, so there is not a certain length of the stomach.

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