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Ad a donation pool to your profile,

by clicking "edit page" ---> donation.

then click preview this widget and "edit" then you can choose how many points you want.

the people will donate point, if you deserve it.


buy them

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The main way to gain popularity is to be an active participant. Here are some general guidelines. Look in the "related links" for an article which describes these tips and more in greater detail.

  • Leave meaningful comments. Instead of vague words like "interesting" and "kewl", explain what draws you to a deviation or ask the artist why he made a particular color or medium choice.
  • Be considerate. People aren't going to look for spelling and grammar problems, but look over your posts to be sure that they are easy to read and understand.
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Q: How do you get points on deviant art?
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The role of the 'Deviant Art' website is to provide users with the opportunity to upload their own art. It allows other users to download the art and use it for various projects.

How do you block a person on Deviant Art?

You can't.

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Deviant Art was first launched on August 7, 2000. It is a forum for artist to showcase their user made artwork and is headquartered in Hollywood, California.

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the artist based his reputation on creating deviant works of art that disgusted most of the people

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yes, you have to be 18 or older.