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You dont

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Q: How do you get new tazz on svr 08?
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How do you unlock tazz in svr 2010?

since tazz left WWE in 2006/2007[something :P]...he is not there..nor can he be unlocked..

Can you trade-in svr 08 for svr 2010?

never dude

Can you copy caws from svr 07 to svr 08?

No but you can copy it from svr 09 to legends of wrestle mania

How do you create hornswoggle svr 08?


Can you get chris beniot move in svr 08?


Are there any secret unlockables in svr 2008?

There are secret unlockables for SVR 08 but only in the UK.

Can you transfer a CAW from SvR 08 to SvR 09 and if so how?

no but u can from 09 to legends of wrestlemania

Are there any cheat codes for svr 08?


Where can you find svr 08 Ultimate Warrior caws?


How do you create hbk on svr 08?

=no need, u already get him!=

What is the limit of created wrestlers you can have in svr 08?

30 wrestlers

How unlock mask Kane?

In SvR '09 it's DLC (Downloadable Content) only for PS3 or XBOX 360. In SvR '08 he's not in it and SvR '07 buy him in the WWE Shop.