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Back comb youur hair:)

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Q: How do you get hair like the 80s girls?
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What was hair like in 80s?

in the 80s the hair styles were all big and quite curly :)

What did girls wear in the 80s?

I don't know but I know they wore big hair

Does Zayn Malik like girls with curly hair?

yes he does like girls with curly hair

What do girls like to do with there hair?

some girls like to braid their hair others like to twist it some like it up some like it down short, long ,every girl has lovely hair! however girls with short hair often want long hair ,girls with brown hair might want blond but girls really just like to play with their hair and make it look nice!

Why do girls usually have longer hair than boys?

boys like girls with long hair because girls with short hair look like dudes

Does messy hair style attract girls?

Well, it all depends on the girl. Some girls are attracted to messy hair and others are attracted to neat hair. Then there are the girls who like long hair and girls who like short hair. there are also girls who like rocker hair or bad boy hair. It all depends on the girl's sense of style

Does ray ray like girls with long hair or short hair?

He likes girls with long hair

Does Alexander Ludwig like girls with blonde hair or girls with brunette hair?


Does Princeton like girls with long hair?

Princeton likes girls with any type of hair or hair style.

Does Zayn like girls with straight or curly hair?

He mostly likes Girls with straight hair...

Do girls like chinstrap facial hair?

There are some girls that do like chinstrap facial hair. It really depends on the girl, some like facial hair while others do not like any facial hair on a guy.

How to have hair like girls?

try to be hard working for this as girls