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Since it's illegal. (Personally, IDGAF). A lot of songs are probably recorded, so just try to find a good version.

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Q: How do you get good quality music frostwire?
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Is frostwire better than LimeWire?

it depends on what you like if you like movies get frostwire but if you like music get limewire both of them have both music and movies but frostwire has better and better quality movies and limewire has more music than frostwire but when it comes to speed and safety frostwire is the best i had limewire for a weak and deleted it and got frostwire i personaly like froswire and would sugest it.

What is the best way to download high quality music?

Honestly.. To pay it would be iTunes for free it would be frostwire.. But frostwire has more of outdated music.

What is a good free music download?


What is a good website for music download besides LimeWire and frostwire?

What website can you download to get free music from?

I put frostwire on my platform. Good downloads no bugs.

How do you download music to your windows media player?

you have to download music on bearshare or frostwire but please use frostwire because it's better

Why can't you download music from frostwire to itunes because it won't let you click and drag and when you go to fileadd file to library and stuff your frostwire music isn't in your saved music?

You can burn the songs to a disc in frostwire and then import them from the CD on itunes otherwise you can put all the song on frostwire and import them to your iPod there. You shouldn't use frostwire anyway its illegal.

What is Frostwire and is it legal?

Frostwire is a plae where u can down load music only m,hkukuyuyfuk

Where can you get free music to download?

Use frostwire

Where should you get your free music?

i get my music from frostwire its free and easy .................penis

Where can you get free music down loads?

You can get free music from limewire and frostwire

Is frostwire good?

FrostWire is a popular file sharing application and has a good reputation. FrostWire uses a torrent search engine to locate files for download.