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gill grunt is in the Xbox 360 PS3 and the wii starter pack with trigger happy and spyro and he cannot be found in single packs or triple packs

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Q: How do you get gill grunt on skylanders?
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What is the web code for gill grunt in skylanders?

the web code for gill grunt is R498V9YVXP

Where to find adventure packs for skylanders?

go to gamestop you can get a pack of skylanders their includeing gill grunt

What is the card code for skylanders Spyro's universe to get Gill Grunt?


Why don't the skylanders talk in Skylanders?

Because there awesome and that's just how they made the game If they did talk i think gill grunt would be Japanese. :)

What is the web card code for gill grunt?

each web code is random to get it get the skylanders starter pack that comes with the game an the portal

Do skylanders evolve?

Yes. Spyro evolves into Gill Grunt, who then evolves into Trigger Happy! also, you can level them up all the way to level 150.

What are the best skylanders to use against Kaos?

Ignitor ,Ghostroaster,Stumpsmash or Stealth Elf,Trigger happy,Gill grunt,and Spyro these are the answers for taking on Kaos for Xbox

Who are in skylanders trap team?

so far its been announced that there will be S2 Shroomboom S4 Gill Grunt Chopper Food Fight Snap Shot Wallop Wildfire and Funny Bone

Does skylanders spyros adventure starter pack 3ds come with the game?

Yes, it comes with Spyro Skylanders for 3ds, three figures, dark spyro, stealth elf, and ignitor, and it also comes with a portal of power that can connect to the 3ds and the pc

Is dark Spyro and gill grunt best friends?


Is gill grunt better or hot head?

hot head

Who is the best character in skylanders Spyro's Adventure?

Well if you mean that you get in the starter pack I would say gill grunt, because his harpoon is very effective. But overall I think the best is between lightning rod, ignitor and drobot. Probably ignitor is the best since he has full strength at 100. Hope I helped...