How do you get eggy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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By doing a boff (trump)

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Q: How do you get eggy?
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How do you get eggy miscrits?

eggy is a miscrit not a type of miscrit and you can get it in mount gemma near the shacks

Why do your farts smell eggy?

farts smell eggy because of a build up of methane and sulphur ps NOT EVERYONES FARTS ARE EGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine smell like roses

What is task acceptance?

well egg egg egg egg egg egg egg eggy eggy eggo egg

What is the name of an eggy dessert?


Where can you get an original eggy crazy bone?


How can you get rid of the eggy smell from your well water?

The 'eggy smell' is from sulpher. Water filtration systems can take most of it out of the water, but it is difficult and can be expensive.

What is the other name for eggy water?


Can an eggy float in salt water?


What does xenon smell like?

eggy smelly

Where can you find eggy in miscrits?

You find eggy in mount gemma in the shack area you have to search the whole thing and his location is random or you can get it in the weekly battle arena rewards.

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