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you act cool so they will hang out with you.

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A celebrity is a person that is tierd of all the people over them (if there human), so if you are planning to meet your favorite celebrity just act like your self. If your intending to know this celebrity you should know where they live and where they usually go. Never act like something your not just be your self. Honisty will make a celeberity actually remember you cause your not a crazy fan just a person who understands them. If you really intend to be there friend you will advise them when you see that they need moral help (people think celebrities like to be happy by buying stuff, THAT'S NOT TRUE). Treat a celebrity as if they where your best friend and they will soon see that you really want to be there friend. Last but not least NEVER EVER hang out with a celebrity so you can look cool because if you do this to any person they will have distrust from you and never have confidence with you.

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You just re-search online for celebs fan number. Celebs do not give out there real cell-phone number. And make sure that is there right one and text that number, i'll usually say '' this person is not avaible at this time, try later' and leave a voice message saying ' hi, i am a big fan.. can you call me back at (number), and if your lucky they will call you back in the next day or so. Most celebs like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez use twitter. So if you cant get ahold of them by phone you can tweet them on twitter.

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First of all, they have to know your number to call you.

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Q: How do you get a celebrity to call you back?
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