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You can buy it at lots of different anime cosplay stores both online and around the world. They'll very likely have them on hand.

A lot of anime cosplay stores both online and around the world will very easily have them on hand.

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Wrong anwer, what he mean asking is the long headband naruto? I could find any they all short 100 cm long. There are hard to find long like naruto 200 cm. sorry

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Q: How do you get a Naruto headband?
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Where can you get a Naruto headband?


Where can one purchase a Naruto headband?

One may purchase a Naruto headband from Oasis Costume. They have a good variety of styles, colors and materials for these headbands with nice shipping options.

Where can you buy a Naruto Lightning Ninja Headband?

What r u talking about?

In the Naruto series when do Naruto and Sasuke have the big fight where Naruto scratches sasukes headband?

i believe the whole fight is in the episodes of 128 to 135

In what episode does naruto take of his headband and shake his hair?

That's in the first Naruto Shippuden movie, about an hour through. :)

Where can i buy an officially-licensed naruto headband?

Licensed headbands are available on Amazon.

What color is Naruto's headband?

Blue in Part 1. Black in Part 2 (Shippuden).

Where can you get a Naruto headband in Houston?

You can get Naruto headbands in just about any store that sells cartoon stuff. Though the best places to get one is either at Hot Topic, or F.Y.E.

How do you get pain in naruto shinobi rumble?

Select Konan to play in 10 personal test's stage if pass the last it will have new summoning mark : hidden rain headband with the strikethrogh. ( A.K.A Pain's headband )

What are good Naruto and Attack on Titan gift ideas thankss?

A good Naruto gift would be a shirt or a headband like Naruto's. An Attack on Titan fan would surely enjoy a wall scroll or the playing cards.

How do you get scared headband on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

You would have to go to a covention and buy one. That's the easiest way, I guess.

What moshling has a headband on moshi monsters?

Shelby has a headband. Cali has a headband with a heart on it.

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