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One has to realize that these statues that sold in hobby, gift and mostly tobacco shops back in the 70's 80's & 90's usually sold for anywhere between $ 35.00 and $45.00 depending on who it was. The comedy teams, which were big sellers are plentiful..therefore the prices on Ebay now are cheaper. The actors that are not normally seen on Ebay are the ones more expensive..usually $125 or higher..some much higher. Presidents, war heroes and television icons seem to fetch big bucks. ESCO experts can always answer what a particular figure is worth...I myself would always be glad to give someone advice on the best price to pay for one of these. Keep in mind 2 things.. A) If it's not made anywmore, the price is somehat doubled so double up average $40.00 and many start around $80. Sometimes some are cheaper but $ 80 is a good start. B) Condition is important..faded and dusty is one thing, breaks, chips, flakes are another and understand..a small crack tends to become a bigger one. If you don't repair them and don't care about breaks and pieces missing, buy it. If you don't repair them and care about condition , don't buy it. If you want them repaired, cleaned & re-painted to bring them back to life, contact me at and for a reasonable price I can have them looking new again. Tell me who it is you're interested in, and I'll give you the best advice I can from my years of experience dealing with these collectibles.

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Q: How do you find the value of esco statues?
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ESCO statues were produced by the Esco company, which was known for creating life-size and small-scale statues of celebrities and iconic figures. The lack of information or books about Esco statues could be due to the niche nature of the product and limited interest from historians or collectors in documenting their history. You may have better luck finding information by reaching out to vintage collectibles groups or searching for old advertisements or catalogs from the Esco company.

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Frank Sinatra esco was made around 1980. there were no 1935 statues. Frank Sinatra was not famous in 1935 so why would anyone make a statue of him?

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I have a statue of Rebekah from the Old Testament. Not sure the value.

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Hello I had 3 ESCO pictures (plaster i think) of 3 women holding items , one has a vase , one a guitar and the 3rd one is broken i am trying to find it again does anyone know what they are called and were I can look to replace this ? These were from my great grandmother e-mail me at if anyone has them for sale

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