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Usually You Tube has a directory to the song

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Q: How do you download free music from you-tube toMP3 mp3?
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How can you download music for free and not from YouTube?

Is it legal to download music from YouTube?

Downloaded music for free ANYWHERE is illegal. I do it anyway.

How can i download Free Music from the free music sites on to my comp?

you can by youtube! by serching and get the url of the music you want and then put it in the dialog box to download your free song!

Where can you download a music for free?

they have some free downloads on youtube the author sometimes gives them for free

Where can one download free Hip Hop music videos?

One can download free Hip Hop music videos from YouTube. Indeed YouTube has a very wide range of music videos that one can watch free, from classical to the latest sounds.

Where can you download music videos free?

You can go to YouTube downloader websites and download the song you want. There are plenty of websites that let you do that, but the problem with this is that it's illegal. The music on YouTube is uploaded by the artists themselves and for you to download the song without the artist's permission is not right. There is an easier way to have the music downloaded legally. An app that you can use to download the songs legally is Google music. You can use this app to download music instantly. You can even download the song and listen to it at the same time.

What is the software used to download music?

For me, i always use wondershare free youtube downloader. It's very useful that download my favourite music videos from Youtube. You can try it!

How do you get music on a tocco lite?

Download from youtube and on the bottom of the video you press sendspace then download it its FREE!

Where can i download free insane clown posse music videos?

youtube or limewire

How do you downloas music for free on MTV? is the answer. You can go to youtube, get the music video and download it through

Where could you download naruto music?

youtube or youtube converter its all free! thanks for the question, jessica mccrindle

Where can you download Fred figglehorn music for free?

well your in a problem because..... any way you could download his music video's bye downloading "youtube downloader" it lets you download youtube video's.and you can download freds music video's with it BUT its illegal to download music with it(its copy write)but you can still download regular videos with it.hopes that's helfull