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Most people use a template or a picture of Justin then use Picnik or some other thing to edit it to say a Belieber's name, age, and typically, it should say verified forever. (:

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Q: How do you create a belieber id?
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How can you make a Belieber ID?

Umm you go somewhwere to make it

What is a belieber?

A Belieber is a person who considers themself a fan of Justin Bieber.

What is beriber?

its not a beriber its a belieber. a belieber is what justin bieber fans call themselves.

What does BELIEBER stand for?

A belieber is a person who is a big fan of Justin Drew Bieber . A belieber is someone who supports him through thick and thin and NEVER leaves . Every belieber makes a promise that they won't EVER leave Justin .

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From Mindless Behavior? I think they are all hideous! Most Belieber think they are UGLY! Belieber's only like Justin Bieber and he is sexy and has controlled hair. Belieber's FTW!

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Are you a belieber?

YES YES YES. I LOVE JUSTIN TILL FOREVER. i am a belieber. i care about him , and everybody that's connected to him. i just... LOVE HIM SO MUCH. im a proud dedicated belieber.. NEVER SAY NEVER:) <3

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no why would he be

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