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i would like to contact keith lemon regarding a birthday party please, how do i do this ?

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Q: How do you contact Keith Lemon Real Name Leigh Francis?
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Who presents celebrity juice?

Keith Lemon who is portrayed by Leigh Francis and fancy's your nan!

What is Keith lemons real name?

Keith Lemon's real name is Leigh FrancisLeigh Francis:)

What is Keith lemon's age?

Keith Lemon is a fictional character created and portrayed by comedian Leigh Francis. As a character, Keith Lemon's age has not been explicitly defined, but Leigh Francis, the actor who portrays him, was born on April 30, 1973, making him X years old.

Is kieth lemon datin rosie from his lemon la vida loco show?

Yes, Keith Lemon is dating Rosie but Leigh Francis is not.

Do any famous people come from leeds?

keith lemon (Leigh Francis ) comes from leeds !1

Is rosie Keith lemons real girlfriend?

No, she's just his on screen girlfriend. Leigh Francis, Keith Lemon's real name, is married to Jill Carter.

Is Keith Lemon married and is Rosie his real girlfriend?

No, the character Keith Lemon is not married. The actor who plays him, Leigh Francis, however, is married to a woman named Jill Carter. Rosie will portray his girlfriend in the new ITV2 special, Lemon La Vida Loca. The two actors are not dating in real life.

Is rosie Keith lemons girlfriend?

Keith lemon is a character played by Leigh Francis and Rosie Parker is a character played by Laura Aikman, unfortunately the whole 'lemon la vi da local' is a reality spoof.

What is Keith Lemon's offensive tattoo?

Keith Lemon isn't real. He's a fictional character played by Leigh Francis who did the t.v show Bo Selecta. There isn't a tattoo underneath his bandage. It's just an act.

Where was Keith Lemon born?

Aragon Tower In Depford, South East London

Is Keith Urban bisexual?

No he isn't. He married Jill Carter, a beauty therapist, in Oct 2003 and they have a daughter, Matilda, who was born in Feb 2009.

How tall is Keith lemon?

The fictional character "Keith Lemon" was supposedly born between 1968 and 1973, the unexplainedly-Caucasian illegitimate son of singer Billy Ocean. Lemon is a character created by UK comedian Leigh Francis (born April 30, 1973).