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Q: How do you buy inmate icare packages?
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How do you order package for inmate at clayton co jail?

Every institution has its own procedures by which packages are mailed to an inmate. Check with that institution.

Does hills-borough county jail except care packages?

You can order care packages to send to an inmate in the Hillsborough County Jail online through the iCare program. You will need to create an account with an email and password. Add a credit card to your account and select the gift package you would like to purchase. The shipping and handling fee is $5.95 and will be applied to each order. You will need to validate the county specific ID number of the inmate on the recipient page. Care packages are limited to one per week and are contingent upon any restrictions the inmate may have. Their customer service can be reached at (877) 615-3296, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time with questions about placing an order.

How do you order care packages for an inmate at Kern County Lerdo facility?

how to set up account

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How do i send care packages to a inmate at Oakland county jail?

Inmates cannot receive packages. You can send plain cards and letters only.The mailing address is:Inmate Name (cell location and Inmate Number)P.O. Box 436017Pontiac, MI 48343You must include a valid return address.

Where to buy a securus calling card for an inmate?


If you send a letter to a federal inmate do they keep track of you?

Only insofar as the fact that you are a correspondent of that particular inmate. The prison authorities have the authority to open, read, and censor any mail or packages sent to inmates.

Can an inmate at hunts correctional facility receive mail?

Inmates at US prisons can generally receive mail. (Letters- not packages)

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When can an inmate begin to receive money who is in wasco prison?

A person who is in Wasco State Prison can receive money as soon as they arrive to the prison. There is also a faster way to send money through is like direct deposit it gets to the inmate the same day. This is a site where you can basically send everything the inmate needs. From money to care packages.