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you throw him out by doing a strong grapple { check tutorial } near the ropes, and then move the right stick. he will be thrown out! (for PlayStation)

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Q: How do you beat Kane inferno match?
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Can Kane beat undertaker in inferno match?

yes he can but he has to work hard then he can kick his but my name is tarek ...

What is the last word of the inferno?

um if your talking inferno matches in wwe than some years ago undertaker beat Kane in one and in 2007 i belive Kane beat mvp in one

Who has been in a WWE inferno match?

Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, and MVP

Where is Kane on Christians Road To WrestleMania PS2?

Week 7 in an inferno match.

Who won the undertaker vs Kane inferno match?

Undertaker won with assistance from the flames.

Who were the inferno match winners?

Undertaker is the first winner when he beat Kane at Unforgiven 1998. He is the second too because it's the revenge on Raw. Triple H won the third against Kane on Smackdown and the last (for the moment) is Kane when he won against MVP at Armaggeddon 2006

Did rey mysterio lose against Kane?

Yeah in a no disqualifaication match but then The Deadman,The Undertaker came to beat up Kane!

How do you defeat Kane in the inferno match for PS2?

simple take johncena and put attitude near rope and he will fall down from rope and he will be burntt

What is the shorts match in wrestling history?

Kane beat Chavo Gurero in 08 sec.

In an inferno match is the fire real?

Yes the Fire is real in an inferno match

Can you get a video of the match of Undertaker versus Kane in an inferno match?

Yes. You can either see the Inferno match on the tape of Unforgiven:In Your House 1998 (There is a picture of Taker on the cover, you can't miss it). This tape is still available for rental at most video rental places (i.e. Blockbuster, Hollywood, etc). Or, the match can be seen in it's entirety on the recently released dvd Tombstone:The History of The Undertaker.

How do you beet Kane on smack down vs raw 2010 inferno match?

Keep on grappling him and attacking him until he is hurt then grapple him then pull him near the ropes then you will throw him out.