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You dont

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Q: How do you beat Jackie Chun in Dragon Ball Origins?
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Is Master Roshi Jackie Chun?

Yes, Master Roshi and Jackie Chun are the same person in the Dragon Ball series. Master Roshi used the alias Jackie Chun when he entered the World Martial Arts Tournament in order to test his students and hide his identity.

How do you beat jakie chun on dragon ball origins?

you keep on fighting him until you see he cant do kamehameha, then you try to get him off the stage. Then, he cant do the kamehameha to get back and he's off the edge, letting Goku defeating Jakie Chun and Winning the tornamentI hope this helped

Does goku find out master roshis is jakie chun?

Goku does not Tien finds out that jackie chun is roshi but never told anyone after the tien saga jackie chun is never shown again as he retired

How did Goku beat Jackie chun?

goku never defeated Jackie chun...he came close though all he had to say was i am the champion and he couldve won but he collapsed right before finishing his sentence, then Jackie chun stood up and said it, therefore making him the winner of the match and the world champion.

What has the author Chun Whang Ro written?

Chun Whang Ro has written: 'The origins and interpretation of the 1951 U.S.-Japanese security treaty ...'

What episode does Goku fight jackie chun?

Dbz lost episode 4

In sonic unleashed Xbox360 how do you beat the dragon in chun-nan?

Just grab the barrels and throw them at the dragon. Tip: there is water in the barrels.

What is the movie Ip man?

Ip Man is a famous hong kong wing chun kung-fu master, he has the best movies, he meets Jackie Chan and other wing chun masters

How many top athletes do they have in Malaysia?

there is an athlete called jackie chan and chun chei,nuio lee, chan telee

In what dragonball episode does goku turn into a great ape?

I'm pretty sure it is episode 13 of dragonball that goku turns into a giant ape for the first time which toke place at emperor pilaf's palace. The second time is episode 26 during the tournament where Jackie chun blows up the moon to stop him

What martial arts do actors do?

Bruce Lee (DEAD) = Wing Chun Jackie Chan = Mixed Kung Fu Jet Li = Jeet Kune Do Chuck Norris = Karate Ranvir S. Flora = Brutal Ninjutsu, Wing Chun & Karate

What nicknames does Arnold Chun go by?

Arnold Chun goes by AC, and Chun.