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OK, so first off as the scene opens, you are told to go to the door (since someone is at it)... it is your choice then whether to hit the diary and use the password is: skipintro

this will allow you to skip the introduction and proceed with the game, or you can answer the front door. (honestly, answering the door takes about 10-20 seconds... so i recommend opening it)

after that the scene opens back to your room, where on the table there is a video tape (which was not there before)

collect the tape, then go to the dresser on the left and click on it. Inside you will find a pair of rubber gloves and a flashlight (which is useless until episode 2)

next, you leave the room and go into the bathroom. you will first have to collect the towel... the use that same towel to wipe the fog off the mirror. (but when you do, the ghost is in the corner, so stay alert)

after that you should notice a small key where the soap dispenser was, take the key as it unlocks the master bedroom.

next go the toilet. there you use the rubber gloves to unclog it to find the key to the treasure chest. Then replace the unused toilet paper with the empty roll. (that is when you see a hand print being smeared onto the shower glass.

open the shower door and click on the hair that is there... this is when you are suppose to panic, and hit the SPACE BARrepeatedly.

after it is gone, open the shower door again and grab the shower nozzle

after the bathroom part, go back to your room and open the chest on the right hand side using the key from the toilet. you should get a candle.

this is when you go into the master bedroom and use the nozzle to open the VCR drawer. when it is open, put the video in, then hit Play video (the tv screen)

you will notice that the video is a video of you watching a video of yourself. only difference is that you notice something under the bed, click on the item to look closer, but keep the space bar ready, because the ghost reappears

after the panic stage is over, you go under the bed to get the the key to the dresser in the master bedroom

use the key to unlock the dresser to retrieve the matches.

now leave the room and use the matches to light the candle, then walk down the stairs... and that is the end of episode one

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Q: How do you beat Darkness episode 1 by Lut?
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