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Being able to have good passionate sex without catching feelings or falling in love.

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Q: How do you be intimate without being intimate?
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Can you love someone without being intimate?

Yes of course you can love someone without being intimate. There are other ways to tell if you have a connection and love someone without being intimate or physical. You can just tell sometimes like by looking into their eyes and the strength of the connection and the feeling you two get or just you even get when you are together.

How can a girl get intimate with a girl?

When she has stayed for long without getting intimate with a boy

Is there a way you can ask him if he loves you without being to forward?

Tell him you love him in an intimate moment then wait for a response. Let your heart be your guide.

What do you write on a valentine card to a crush without being awkward?

Write the valentine to a crush without using the word love. You will not want to use words that are too intimate as well.

Can you get chlamydia without being exposed?

You can't get chlamydia if you haven't been exposed to it. A positive test for chlamydia means you had intimate contact with someone with the infection.

How do you be romantic towards a guy?

Or try being intimate and spontaneous.

Does your ex boyfriend want to be intimate after breakup when he asked if you will ever be intimate again?

That may be his of saying, "Can we explore a friends with benefits relationship instead?"I would think that he likes being intimate with you but also wants to be intimate with others as well and probably wants more freedom.

What do gay people think when they are being intimate?

Hmm! Good feelings! Great!

What are some of the advantages to being a priest?

You have a very close and intimate relationship with God.

How do you get over your ex-boyfriend if you are still intimate but were only together 6 months and its been almost 2 years and you can't get over him?

Stop being intimate with him?

How can you keep intimate female friend without thinking otherwise?

you can't, it will eventually end in disaster.

Do Tony Soprano and his psychatrist have an intimate relationship?

No. They both only fantasized about being together.

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