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The narrator tells in an attempt to convince us that he is not insane.

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Q: How do readers know where the narrator hid the body in The Tell-Tale Heart?
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How do readers know where the narrator hid the body The Tell-Tale Heart?

The narrator tells in an attempt to convince us that he is not insane.

In The Tell-Tale Heart how do readers know where the narrator hid the body?

The narrator tells them, and in fact tells the police, when he can no longer stand the sound, which we know exists solely in his mind.

What kind of biometric readers are there besides heart rate monitors?

Biometric readers other than heart rate monitors may include blood pressure, neural activity, and body temperature. There are many aspects of the human body that can be read and recorded.

What can be concluded about where the narrator hid the body in The Tell-Tale Heart?

he hid the heart under the floor boardin the floor

Where does the narrator hide the old man's body in the tell-tale heart?

In "The Tell-Tale Heart," why does a neighbor call the police to the house?

Where does the narrator of The Tell-Tale Heart hide the old man's body?

He hides the body under the floorboards, then the police come and find out.

In 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe where has the narrator hidden a human heart?

In "The Tell-Tale Heart", the narrator hid the old man's entire body underneath the planks in his bed chamber. He did not actually hide a human heart, rather the entire dismembered corpse.

What does the narrator do with the old man after he kills him in The Tale-Tell Heart?

He hides the body under the floor boards

What is falling action of The Tell-Tale Heart?

The falling action is the narrator attempts to dispose of the land lord's body.

How do you know where the narrator hid the body?

In the case of the narrator --- he told us what he did with the body.

In The Tell-Tale Heart what vexed the narrator?

His land-lords dead eye.Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Heart shows a person overcome by guilt. The narrator is haunted by the sound of the heart no longer beating by his hand and feels better after he reveals to the police the cut up body of his victim.Initially, it was the victim's eye; by the conclusion of the story, it was the (imagined) beating of his dead heart.

How did the narrator get caught in The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe?

The narrator had cut up the old man's body and hidden it under the floorboard of the parlor. Three policemen come to the house because there were reports of screams in the area just to do a routine check. The narrator invites them in and while talking with them he thinks he hears the old man's heart beating and believes the policemen also hear it. Since he cannot stand the guilt in his conscience caused by the beating heart and since he believes the police know about the body anyway, he confesses his crime to them.

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