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Buy a REAL Baseball bat and some Fencing wire. Ta-DA! You have barbed wire

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Q: How do You Make Fake WWE Weapons?
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Is WWE ecw real?

no the wwe is all fake raw smack down and ecw are all fake the weapons are made out of foam

Are the WWE weapons fake?

no they just dont hit them or dont hit them hard

Is WWE wresteling real?

WWE is fake but the chair shots, blood and weapons are real. In reality, wrestling grapples, strikes and interferences etc. are fake and scripted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Who idea was to make WWE fake?

All wrestling fake.

Is WWE wrestling fake or not?

Yes,but the attacks are so real!It's just about the blood and weapons!They look so real.They know who is going to win.P.S My grandma likes watching WWE and doesn't even know they are fake fighting!

Is WWE moves fake or real?

WWE is not fake it is scripted.

How can you make weapons for WWE action figures?

use clay

Is WWE smackdown real?

All of the WWE storylines are fake (RAW, Smackdown and ECW). I think that some of the fighting is real. Like when using weapons and moves that would actually hurt are fake. But the rest is real. Also the matches are predetermined.

Is WWE 2012 still fake?

Yes WWE is still fake

Does WWE wrestlers fude are fake?

The feuds are fake. They even will break into houses to try to make you believe they're real feud's. They all do it to make WWE real. They also would join WWE to get money for their social lives. And plus, have you ever heard of a wrestling robbery that is on TV. It's all fake.

Is wrestling in WWE and tna fake?

wwe is fake and tna is maybe too

How do people make the WWE fake?

It isn't fake but all the moves are pre-determined and planned out before hand