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If you have patience and persistence, you can become good at drawing anime. Start at home by drawing stick figures, which will give you some very basic ideas about proportion. Once you have that down, you can find courses online in drawing anime. You can also buy books on how to draw anime at both bookstores and art supply shops.

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By getting experience as an artist


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Q: How do I become good at drawing anime when I don't have any experience as an artist?
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What degrees are needed to become an anime artist?

I don't think you need a degree for being an anime artist.

How can you become an anime creator?

Yes, but you have to be good with drawing anime, and make a good storyline.

What is the salary of an anime artist?

The salary of an anime artist can vary widely depending on factors such as experience, skill level, and the studio they work for. Entry-level anime artists may earn around $30,000 to $50,000 annually, while more experienced or in-demand artists can earn significantly higher salaries. Additionally, freelance anime artists may earn varying amounts depending on the projects they are hired for.

What education do anime artist have to have?

anime edu.

Is drawing anime for losers?


What are the different forms of anime?

It's a type of drawing. I know that anime is animated and manga is the drawing/book version.

Where can you take a class on drawing anime?

They don't have many art classes that teach anime, Anime is mostly a self tought genre of drawing, You can use tutorials on youtube and other sites also how to books.. If there are classes for drawing anime they probably cost a lot.

Where do you go to become a anime artist?

You can't really become an anime artist from anywhere you just have to kno0w how to draw and you also have to draw kinda like the animes already invented likw some anime show such as...Shugo chara, Vampire knight, princess tutu, DN Angel, Kamichama Karin, Kaze no Stigma, OHCHS, Naruto etc

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its anime and manga!!

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Anime Drawing a Revolution - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 17 December 2007

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Who the best anime make up artist is depends upon the qualities that you like in an artist. It's simply a matter of opinion, as to the artist that you like best.

Who drawn the anime?

the manga artist!