How did uncle b die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How did uncle b die?
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When was Uncle B created?

Uncle B was created in 2004.

What is uncle b's real name?

Uncle B's real name is Byron Contostavlos.

Is n-dubz uncle uncle b?

Uncle B is Dappys ( Dino Contosvalos) Father, Uncle To Tulisa ( Tula Contosvalos) & Father Figure To Fazer ( Richard Rawson ) .

Did Marco Polo uncle died?

yes his uncle did die

Is uncle b dappys dad?

Yes his name was Bryon Contoslavtos. He is known as uncle b because Dappy finds it upsetting to say his name.

Did joey's uncle really die?

Heck no joeys uncle ain't die and i made fun of him for it Corey Boober

When did Angela Merici's uncle die?

Saint Angela's uncle died in 1520.

When did Uncle Am Stuart die?

Uncle Am Stuart died on 1926-03-17.

When did William Fremantle - uncle - die?

William Fremantle - uncle - died in 1895.

When did Uncle Dobbin die?

Uncle Dobbin died on 1950-02-05.

What is n-dubz uncle b's name?


How did your uncle die?

hes alive