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The Marine Corps determined I had flat feet and a heart murmur, but that didn't get in their way nor mine in '61. Managed to serve over six years, including 13 months at Danang. As a t-shirt says: "The difference is-- none of us ALMOST served..." Semper fi!

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Biography reports that the Army wouldn't take him because he had flat feet. That

is a disgrace. I've got flat feet and enlisted in the Marine Corps when I lied about

my age at 16. I didn't last long and when they found out my real age they sent me

home in August 1945. I did get drafted when the Korean War broke out 6-25-50,

the army found out I had flat feet and it didn't matter, they accepted me. 2 years

later after 19 months overseas I got discharged.

I think Brokaw is a draft dodger and should be ashamed of himself.

Don Herion

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Q: How did tom brokaw avoid military service?
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