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Creative shooting mostly, if you shoot from certain angles you can make on person appear to be taller or shorter than the other.

*Sometimes they even had other actors stand on a box*

I doubt that this was the case.

Here's a quote from Peter Jackson on another site: Quote:~

'The actors that play hobbits in our movies are all being made to look small, so we certainly agree that absolutely hobbits are smaller than normal people, and even though we've cast actors like Elijah and Sean, they are being made to look small. We're doing this through a variety of techniques, like we're doing a lot of bluescreen work where we can composite them onto scenes at a smaller size. We're also using a lot of old fashioned techniques like forced perspective, which is a technique that you simply put The Hobbit actor a bit further away from the camera than the human-sized actor, and therefore the hobbits appear to be smaller, which is a very well used and simple technique - but we've also made that more complex by being able to move the camera with forced perspective shots, which people have traditionally not been able to do, and we're using computers and motion control platforms and various other things to be able to push that technique to another level.'

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They had doubles , they being 'Little people' .

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I Know how they did it for all the hobbits, but i dont know if they did the same for john as gimli

For the hobbits they just did close ups and when using far away shots they used kids.

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Some of the shots were done using perspective to make them look shorter. In others they used CGI effects to make them smaller.

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Q: How did they make the dwarves look short in lord of the rings?
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