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Keven "Dino" Conner

R&B Singer. Member of the early 90's hip-hop group H-Town. Their debut album, "Fever For Da Flavor" spawned the smash hit single "Knockin' Da Boots". H-Town also included Dino's fraternal twin brother Shazam. On January 28, 2003, after leaving a Houston recording studio, Dino and his pregnant fiancee were stopped at a red light when a speeding SUV crashed into the driver's side of the car, ejecting both Dino and his fiancee into a parking lot. The fiancee died on impact and Dino died en route to the hospital.

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Yes Keven "Dino" Connor from H-Town has passed away. He was 28 years. R.I.P DINO we love and miss you very much. Nov.18,1974 to Jan.28,2003..

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he was killed in a car wreck at 3am

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auto mobile car r.i.p. dino

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hit in run

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Q: How did the lead singer of h-town dino die?
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