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they harrased them for petty reasons

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Q: How did the British treat the Acadians in 1713?
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Major event that led to the acadian expulsion?

The British wanted the Acadians to agree to the Oath of Allegiance, which they did to avoid any further complications. But for some reason it didn't get sent back to Britain so the British thought that the Acadians were against them and that is why the British deported them in 1755.

Why the acadians left Nova Scotia in the 1800s?

In 1713 the French king gave present day Nova Scotia to Britain. The British told the Acadians that they would either swear allegiance to Britain or they must leave.

What experiences did the acadian encounter after France lost control of this region to the british in 1713?

The Acadians were descendants from France, so when the British took control of the acadians, they said they didn't want to take sides, they would not fight in a war agaisnt their own, nor would they fight against the British. The British did not trust the acadians, they thought they would turn their back on them so they decided to deport them. Every day leading up to the deportation, the acadians lived in fear but had to live their lives as normally as possible.

How long did the acadians did the acadians live peacefully under the british rule?

200 years.

Was expulsion of the acadians legal?

The expulsion of the acadians was NOT legal. The british colonies expelled them anyways.

Why were the acadians caught in the middle of the fight between the french and the british?

why did the acadians refuse to fight the french

Why did the British want the acadians deported?

The Acadians wanted to murder the Canadian government to take the money from them

Were the Acadians accepted by the British colonists?

No the acadians were not accepted by the British colonists in America because they were foreign, but some made their way to Louisiana where the French did accept them.

When was British GIbraltar created?

British GIbraltar was created in 1713.

Who are Acadians today?

The Acadians were French settlers in Canada who were ultimately expelled by the British. They migrated mostly to Louisiana.

What happen to acadians?

The Acadians were passed over to the French and British many times then after Confederation they became part of Canada.

Were the acadians exiles accepted by the British colonists?