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in which match did the bellas end up fighting each other

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Q: How did the Bella twins stop fighting each other?
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How can you tell the Bella twins from each other?

Nikki has a flower in her hair. Brie doesn't

What Bella inspires from edward?

because they love each other they inspire each other Bella wants to stay looking young that's why she is inspired

What chapter do Edward and Bella tell their feelings for each other?

In the very last chapter of Twilight Bella and Edward tell their feelings for each other.

Does Emmett Cullen and Bella Swan both always get along with each other?

Definatly. Emmett and Bella are friends straight away when they get to know each other. Emmett loves teasing Bella and Bella likes to prove Emmett wrong.

Are Bella and edward made for each other?


Why does Bella and edward like each other?

Bella and Edward find each other physically attractive as well as being attracted by each others personality, which eventually develops into a loving relationship.

Can twins fall in love with each other?


Which of the Cullens and hales always get along with each other especially with Bella?

edward and Alice Cullen but there are no hales that always get along with each other and Bella swan does the rest get along with her?

Do the Milton twins each other?

The Milton twins are called Cali and Cherish. They are from California in the United States of America. They are identical twins.

How much do the Weasley twins like each other?

there identical twins? but James Phelps has a scar on his chin.

What basic facts about Bella and edward?

they love each other

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