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They searched for information in many different books in the library.

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Q: How did ron harry and Hermione try to find out about Nicolas flamel?
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How do you find the Flamel book in the restricted section of the library in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for GameCube?

You use the invisibility cloak to find the book about Nicolas Flamel.

How were Harry Ron and Hermione going to find information on Nicolas Flamel after Hagrid wouldn't tell them?

Harry, Ron and Hermione planned to search for information on Flamel in the library. During their free moments they would go there and look through the books. Ron picked books at random, Harry thoughts a little more about it and Hermione made a list of the ones she thought might help.Harry then tried the restricted section, but had to run away before he could look at many books.They later found the information in a book Hermione had checked out after Harry was prompted by a wizard card mentioning him.

How did Harry find out about Nicolas flamel?

He got another Chocolate Frog card with Dumbledore on it. And it mentions the two of them working together.

What is the difference between Nicolas Flamel in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Nicholas Flamel in the Alchemyst?

Actually there is no difference. They are actually the same person. Nicholas Flamel wasa real person, and he and his wife are known for their work trying to find out the secrets of the Book of Abraham and the sorcerer's stone.

What book is harry very keen to read in the first book?

The book on Nicolas Flamel On his own, Harry never reads anything, except newspapers and books about Quidditch.

What are chapters 9-12 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone about?

Chapters 9-12 are set in Hogwarts. Harry is challenged to a Midnight Duel by Draco Malfoy, but is set up and forced to run away from Filch to avoid being expelled. During their escape Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville find a three-headed dog guarding a trap door. They then find out Hagrid is the owner of the dog and that what is hidden underneath belongs to somebody called Nicolas Flamel, who they set out to find. Ron insults Hermione and she hides in the girls bathroom during the Halloween feast. Harry and Ron save her after a troll is let into the building and the three become friends. Harry wins his first Quidditch match against Slytherin, despite somebody (they presume Professor Snape) trying to jinx him off his broomstick. Harry is given an invisibility cloak for Christmas. He uses it to sneak into the restricted section so he can find out who Flamel is but makes a noise and has to hide from Filch. Inside the room, he finds a mirror that shows him his entire family but shows Ron as the Quidditch captain and head boy. Dumbledore explains that it is called the Mirror of Erised and shows your hearts deepest desire.

Where can you find Hermione Granger?

Obviously in every Harry Potter series.

How does Hermione Granger help Harry Potter find the place where the philosopher's stone is hidden?

Hermione helps Harry and Ron get past the devil's snare on their way to find the sorcerers stone. And she also solves Snape's riddle for Harry so he can get into the room where the sorcerers stone is.

Where can you find Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter 7?

Just read the book from the beginning, and you will find them soon.

What did Harry and Hermione find out about Grawp In the book order of the Phoenix?

read the bloody book and u will find out

Where do Harry and Hermione go after Ron leaves them?

They stay at their camp and Harry goes to try and find the sword of Gryffindor in the lake.

What is the major resolution of the story Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the movie?

Harry lives, Voldemort dies.