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She was scalded to death in the shower.

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Q: How did rachel die in the haunting of sorority row?
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What movies does Matt lanter play in?

Matt Lanter appears in "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius," "Disaster Movie," "Sorority Row," and (soon-to-be-released) "Vampires Suck".

What happened at the end of sorority row?

basically, the killer is revealed as cassidy's boyfriend and he kills jessica, saying that he wants cassidy to get away from it all, then she ends up trying to save ellie and theres a chasebetween cass and her boyF then just as the boyfriend is about to kill her, ellie turns up with a gun and shoots him, he then falls through the floor and burns to death, cass, ells and Maggie walk out as the fire department arrive and then at the end, Maggie is in the sorority and all the girls are singing the theme song and Garrett turns up with a shovel, then the movie ends :)

Sorority row who is the guy in the end of the movie with the scar?

i know it i found the answer its *drumroll* lolo GARRETT because Andy was the killer at first then there doing a sequel Garrett can be the next killer but y magy that's wat i don't know y does Garrett want to kill magy plz message me as soon as possible

Sorority row features a prank gone horribly wrong megan's sorority sisters do what to her?

They did a prank on one of the sisters ex boyfriend which was she pretended to be dead so they brought the "dead body" (alive) to a disgusting old place. They told everyone to get a sharp rock and the boy stabbed it right into Megan's Chest!!! Then she was really dead. They threw her body down a well and left it there. On graduation day the principal announced Megan was missing. Everyone that was a part of the crime felt really guilty but did not show it. Then some ones cellphone rang and it was a picture of the rock and a black hooded creature. Megans spirirt still haunts the sorority sisters from now until they are dead.........

How tall is Zebedee Row?

Zebedee Row is 6' 1".

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When was The Haunting of Sorority Row created?

The Haunting of Sorority Row was created in 2007.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Haunting of Sorority Row - 2007 TV?

The Haunting of Sorority Row - 2007 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M USA:TV-14

Is the haunting of sorority row scary?

in my opinion its not but it could be scary for you who knows

How many sister's die in sorority row?

2 of the sister's die in sorority row.

What is the duration of Sorority Row?

The duration of Sorority Row is 1.68 hours.

When was Sorority Row created?

Sorority Row was created on 2009-09-01.

When was Sorority Row released?

Sorority Row was released on 09/11/2009.

What was the Production Budget for Sorority Row?

The Production Budget for Sorority Row was $12,500,000.

What sorority in sorority row?

Theta Pi

What is the duration of The House on Sorority Row?

The duration of The House on Sorority Row is 1.52 hours.

Where can you watch sorority row online?

How much money did Sorority Row gross worldwide?

Sorority Row grossed $26,735,797 worldwide.