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I'm pretty sure she had cancer because in the show when Miley/Hanna was having guy troubles the mom said she wouldn't be there

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Q: How did mileys mom die in the show?
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Is it true mileys mom is dead?

No, only on the show does she have no mom.

How did mileys mom die?

She's not dead. She's very much alive. You mean Hannah Montana's mom? Idk

Why did mileys mom died?

First of all her mom did not die! She is perfectly fine!

Did Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana mom die?

there the same people....but in real life outside of the show mileys mom is still alive....but in the show...miley and Hannah are the same people and there mom in the show her mom is dead but in real life shes alive

Did mileys mom ever die?

No Miley's mom Trish is still alive and lives well

What the names of mileys mom?

mileys moms name is tish

How did mileys mother die?

mileys mom never died but her mom and famous dad billy ray Cyrus are getting a divorce

What does mileys step - mother do for a living?

Miley Cyrus does not have a step mom, she only does in her show, which is almost done with:(

Is Miley's mom pregnant?

no mileys mom is not pregant

How old is mileys mom?

she is in her 30

Is Mandy Mileys real mom?


Is Miley's mom her hero?

yes mileys mom is her hero