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He lost it while building a playhouse for his daughter.

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Q: How did lee van cleef lose the tip of his middle finger?
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What is the birth name of Lee Van Cleef?

Lee Van Cleef's birth name is Clarence Leroy Van Cleef Jr..

How old was Lee Van Cleef at death?

Lee Van Cleef died on December 16, 1989 at the age of 64.

When was Lee Van Cleef born?

Lee Van Cleef died on December 16, 1989 at the age of 64.

What was Lee Van Cleef's screen name in the good the bad and the ugly?

Lee Van Cleef plays 'The Bad' and is known as Angel Eyes.

How many movies did van cleef make?

Lee Van Cleef acted in 82 films.

How tall is lee van cleef?

He was 6'2"

What is Lee Van Cleef's ancestry?

Lee Van Cleef's ancestry traces back to Dutch and Italian roots. He was born in New Jersey to parents of Dutch descent. His surname "Van Cleef" is of Dutch origin.

How old was lee van cleef in a few dollars more?

Lee Van Cleef was born on January 9, 1925 and died on December 16, 1989. Lee Van Cleef would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.

Whose final movie was Thieves of Fortune?

Lee Van Cleef.

Which actor smoked meerschaum pipe in western movie?

Lee Van Cleef

Who are male Actors with the first name Lee?

Some male actors named Lee include Lee Pace, Lee Byung-hun, and Lee Min-ho.

What year was Lee Van Cleef born?

Lee Van Cleef, an American actor well known in the Western genre, was born on January 9th 1925 Somerville. He later died on December 16th, 1989 in Oxnard after a good career.